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Water softener


I just put Salt in our Water softener after letting it run without salt for many months. We now get a salty taste in the water so we weren't sure if this is normal for the first few days after you put salt or is there a problem with the functioning of the softener itself? Also, how much quantity of salt should I be putting in the water softener? 

Thanks in advance for your answers. 
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Posted 2015-12-26T18:40:25+0000  by Ashg Ashg
Water softeners add a trace amount of salt to the water so you may be picking up on that because you are not used to it.  You might also turn down the hardness setting a bit.  Normally it is set by the hardness of your water, which your water utility should be able to give you (or at least an average for the area it serves).  If none of that helps, you should consult the owners manual or manufacturer for maintenance and troubleshooting instructions.

As for the amount of salt to add, you can fill the tank completely.  The unit will use what it needs.
Posted 2015-12-27T12:17:38+0000  by Adam444
Hello Ashg.

Water softeners work by trapping minerals in the resin bed, which eventually get filled up to the point that no more can be absorbed.  At this point the softener will just pass through hard water and must be regenerated using the salt brine.  Salt is introduced into the resin, which replaces the minerals that then are flushed out and down the drain when the regeneration process runs.  While most minerals will readily be released in this process, one is not so effectively removed with just salt.

Small amounts of iron compounds will be removed using just a salt brine.  Since your system has been run for a long time without regeneration, I am concerned that maybe the resin bed in your softener has become somewhat clogged with iron.  Obviously I can't know how much iron is in your water, but this is a fairly common problem, especially with well water.

If you agree that this might be an issue, there is a simple chemical fix.  A product called Super Iron Out can be added to your brine tank.  Use only the amount recommended, and run the softener regeneration cycle twice.  Once done, open a cold water faucet and flush about 10 gallons of water down the drain before using any water.  This should help clean out the resin bed and make all of it available for use.  The product looks like this and can be found at the link printed below the picture:

Super Iron Out


Posted 2015-12-29T15:37:20+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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