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Weather seal around aluminum old windows

IM doing home environments around my 40 year old house , and it has aluminum frame windows with no weather seal like newer stiles do so IM wondering do they make it?    how do I install it?    is it going to cost an arm and a leg?!!!

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Posted 2011-04-14T13:45:25+0000  by pinkymacleod pinkymacleod

Good Day PinkyMacleod!


Weather stripping comes in an endless variety, depending upon your application. And, usually doesn't cost "an arm and a leg."


Trying to re-create the modern style weather seal on a forty year-old window is probably not the best goal for this project. Rather, let's focus on keeping more of your heating and cooling inside the home.


My guess is that your metal windows slide either up-and-down or side-to-side.


In either case, your project will begin by inspecting the point at which the sash meets the frame. When closed, the space between these represents the greatest opportunity to slow or stop heat transfer.


At the Store, your Hardware Associate can show you 3/8 inch dense foam and silicone blend weather seals. Choose the one that will fill the most surface between the sash and the frame where the window closes. You might try purchasing two types and simply return the one that you don't use.


In my experience, the foam peel-and-stick weather strip does fine if the window isn't opened frequently. However, the silicone blend weather seal is a much firmer material and can even be stapled or glued using contact cement.


When you finish with the windows, look at the bottom, sides, and top of your doors. Like the window weather strip, there are numerous ways to stop the loss of energy at doors.


This is an everyday DIY project that should take no more than one afternoon and cost less than fifty dollars.

Posted 2011-04-14T14:15:37+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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