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Weather stripping

Whats the trick or secret to get the toung of the new weather stip into the groove in the door jam?

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Posted 2011-03-05T13:11:05+0000  by thomasQ thomasQ

Hey there ThomasQ,


Welcome back and thanks for your question!


To start out, here's a list of things to get new weather stripping back into your door:



  • There really isn't a trick or saying abbracadabra to getting weather stripping in your door, just start out first by removing your door off its hinges. To do that, get a flat head screwdriver and tap it against the bottom the hinge pin. With a hammer or mallet, tap the screwdriver to push the pin out of the hinge. Do that again for the other pins to get the door completely off. 
  • If its a entrance door, and you know its going to be heavy, be sure to have a helper along to get the door off and back on.



  • Put your door on the sawhorses or if you have a level surface (like a big table) that'll work as well.



  • Now you can see the weather stripping closer to see if the stripping pushes into place or slides into the channel (there are various types of stripping out there) Grab a replacement weather stripping at your local store, making sure its the same size and type as the one you just replaced. To make sure you get the right one, bring in the old one, bc there is a lot of them out there, size and material-wise.
  • Get the old weather stripping out with vise grips and pull the weather stripping out of the channel. If the weather stripping is stuck in a deep recess, use needle-nose pliers (my all-time favorite tool ) to pull it out of the channel.

  • At this point, see if there is any dust or dirt in the channel, at this point clean it off with a brush and/or spray cleaner.
  • Push the new weather stripping in place or insert the weather stripping at the edge of the channel and slide it in place, then cut off extra weather stripping with a utility blade or scissors. 
  • Rehang your door by getting the pins back into the hinges, again, have a helper with you at this stage since it can be a little cantankerous to do this alone. Close and open the door a few times to make sure the weatherstripping is snug into the channel.
And that's it!  Hope this helps you out,


Posted 2011-03-05T15:10:52+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL



My name is Tom, and I would like to add something to Joes great post. His response was on replacing the seal at the bottom of the door, and all instructions were relative to that. In the event that he misunderstood your question, I would like to offer the following;


On exterior doors there is a piece of weatherstripping that presses into the kerf joint and creates a seal. I am thinking that is what you were asking about, replacing that type of weatherstripping. The kerf refers to the narrow channel that is found on both sides and the top of the door at the stop, or the piece of wood that is raised that does not allow the door to go past the center of the jamb. If that is what you were referring to, it is a simple solution and a link to a site with good instructions follow;


You will find that the type we carry works on almost all door manufacturers that have kerf type doors such as Masonite, Jeld-Wen and the one described on the link.


I hope that helps.

Posted 2011-03-08T14:08:18+0000  by HD116
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