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Weatherproofing Garage door

I've come to notice that my garage door is not actually contacting the opening when in the closed position and there are gaps on both sides. I wouldn't be surprised if the top of the door isn't contacting as well. Any suggestions for weather proofing? Are there weather strips that I can get that would stay intact (either on the door or the wall) as the garage door comes down? Any other ways I can keep the cold air from coming in besides weather strips?



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Posted 2010-12-14T15:48:30+0000  by racer racer

Greetings Racer,


Nice to hear from you again, after seeing your post several products came to mind. I just resealed my girlfriends garage door with these products and it turned out very nicely;


First for the top and sides I used these;




I simply nailed the pvc on the exterior jamb with the flexible seal towards the door and overlapped the top at the sides.


For the bottom I used this (as it was a double door);

bottom seal.jpg


Both were found in my local Home Depot with the insulation and were surprisingly affordable. Now it is quite comfortable for the dog when it is unseasonably cold (like last night - 11 degrees F).


Hope that helps and thanks for being a valuable member of our community!


Happy Holidays





Posted 2010-12-14T16:05:49+0000  by HD116

Hi HD116,

Thanks for the reply... I can see the second picture... but am finding it difficult to make out the first one. Can you post a link of the product?



Posted 2010-12-14T16:48:21+0000  by racer

Hello again,


Here is a the description and a better picture of what they look like;


These individual strips consist of a rigid vinyl base section w/ a flexible vinyl sweep. It will effectively seal out drafts, dust, dirt and water around the sides and tops of garage doors. It comes in sizes which allow you to weatherseal one or two car garages.

  • Garage Door Top/Side
  • Special project
  • Seals top/side of garage door

g seal.jpg


Have a great day!





Posted 2010-12-14T17:58:59+0000  by HD116

Hi! Can you tell me if there is a type of paint  that will stop the garage door from sweating?

Posted 2012-08-02T02:27:24+0000  by blondy104




No mere paint will stop the garage door from sweating. The "sweating" is condensation because the door is relatively cold and there is relatively high humidity in your garage. The phenomenon is the same as the windows in your house sweating when it is cold outside. You can either buy a newer insulated garage door or, retrofit the back of the door with insulation such as sheet foam insulation. Insulation will keep the surface of the door warmer and thus prevent or lessen the condensation. Finding the source of the humidity and lessening it is also not a bad idea.

Posted 2012-08-02T03:49:25+0000  by ordjen
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