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I have a hill that has tall weeds on it. I would like to get rid of them and plant ground cover. I am thinking blue juniper and phlox. Could you tell me the best way to do this?

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Posted 2013-07-25T15:23:26+0000  by debbiepuggi debbiepuggi

Hey debbiepuggi.


If you are looking to kill everything on this hill and start over then here is what I recommend.


You can spray HDX Grass and Weed Killer on the area and then you can plant your plants 1 week later. Because HDX is absorbed through the leaves, you will need to spray it on the foliage, before you cut it down to kill it.


Junipers are evergreen plants, where Phlox are perennials that die off in the winter. Between those 2 plants, I might recommend the Junipers but another option I might suggest is the Asiatic Jasmine ground cover.


I would also recommend installing some weed block fabric, to keep the weeds from coming back.

HDX 32 oz. Weed and Grass Killer Concentrate

Posted 2013-07-25T19:00:17+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

I would second Ingar's suggestion to nuke everything.  The HDX weed killer has the same chemical as RoundUp and is a really good deal (the cost of making a gallon of herbicide).  Use a hose end sprayer or pump up sprayer.  Frankly, I'd dial up the concentration a bit and if you have any "woody" plants - small trees, poison ivy, raspberries then you need to add Triclopyr (Ortho's Poison Ivy Killer) to the mix at the recommended rate.  I also just read that adding a teaspoon of ordinary dish washing detergent per gallon to the mixture boosts it's effectiveness by eliminating the surface tension and allowing the herbicide to come in better contact with the plant.


Just remember the HDX (and especially combined with the Triclopyr) with kill anything and everything, so watch where you spray it.  Wait at least 10 days before you replant.


And if you have any poison ivy, the stuff is just as nasty dead as alive.  Wear gloves, long sleeves and pants.

Posted 2013-07-26T03:09:44+0000  by Adam444
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