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Weeds...Help needed


I'm having 3 problem areas.


First this is my first time planting sunflowers and have noticed other things growning in the area? Please help me identify what they are.

sunflowers.jpgsunflower weeds.png


Second, after thatching and reseeding I've noticed lots of weeds in the lawn. How can I get rid of these stubborn patches without harming the rest of the lawn?

backyard weeds.jpg


Third, I've got those white buds popping up everywhere this year and I didn't have this problem last year. I've noticed my neighborhood is being taken over by these white buds.


Thanks :)

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Posted 2013-07-03T14:42:42+0000  by Ladystarr Ladystarr

They're weeds. :smileywink:


Try some Ortho Weed-B-Gone carefully following the instructions on the package.  It will kill you sunflowers so you may want just pull those weeds.  A layer of mulch can help keep them from coming back.

Posted 2013-07-03T14:58:37+0000  by Adam444

I can't help with the lawn weeds but in my flower garden I put down cardboard and then put some topsoil or potting mix (WITHOUT WEED SEEDS) on top of that.  It helped a lot.  It didn't elimenate all of the weeds but lots of them.  It doesn't hurt the flowers.  Just put the cardboard around the sunflowers.  Or around the patch of sunflowers then you will only have to weed right around the flowers.  I have heard of doing that will plastic bags too.  I even tried bubble wrap and that worked too.  I did mine when I was planting the garden.  Hope this helps.

Posted 2013-07-03T16:03:52+0000  by sassycarole1


Hey there,


It’s Jen, from The Home Depot.  I have a few ideas for you. 


Let’s start with the sunflower area.  Pull the weeds by hand and then apply Preen.  Preen is not a weed killer however it is a weed preventer.  Once the weeds are gone, it will prevent new weeds from returning.  Would you believe that it knows the difference between the weed and your sunflower and it will not harm the sunflower?  In addition to the Preen, I would mulch, up to 2 inches over the soil.  This will provide moisture to your plants and it will help protect them from additional weeds.  This is a great product and it can be used in all flower beds.



The weeds in the lawn will require a couple of products.  The first is Weed B Gon Max.  This will kill off any broadleaf weeds and it will not kill your lawn. 

WBG.jpgWeed B Gon Max.jpg


I also see that you have Nutsedge.  That is the tall grass that is standing higher than all of the others.  That is usually attracted to areas that have excess water or poor drainage.  Do you have this problem? Nutsedge also thrives on low mowing’s.  Try and keep your lawn at a height of 3”, this will reduce some problems.  Ortho Nutsedge Killer will work for this without harming your lawn.


Also, can you tell me, when was the last time you fertilized?  If so, what product did you use?  How long ago did you put the grass seed down?

Posted 2013-07-03T18:42:09+0000  by Jen_HD_BOS

Hi Jen! I reseeded around the end of April with Scotts Turfbuilder Sun and Shade grass seed. I fertilized about 3 weeks ago with Scotts Green Lawn Max. The area where you said I have nutsedge grass was a bare patch after thatching to remove dead grass. I've found the weeds to be pretty aggressive. That area does stay rather damp after a watering or rain. I'm going to reroute my drain off of the house to an area that doesn't have a damp issue. Going forward, I'll make sure the mower is set to at least 3".

Posted 2013-07-05T16:35:04+0000  by Ladystarr
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