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Weedy lawn arid climate

Due to 2 season of neglect and a neighbor who Han nothing but dandelions for a lawn, we now have a dandelion lawn. We liv in the arid Easter side of MT, how do we reclaim our lawn?
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Posted 2013-05-26T03:11:12+0000  by ASMiles ASMiles

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Depending on what kind of lawn that you had in the beginning, there are 2 ways to come back from this. If you check and you have some Bermuda left over, you can revive the lawn. Spray Weed-B-Gone over it 2 times, one week apart, water before each treatment and make sure that the leaves are dry before spraying the weedkiller. Then fertilize and  reseed. You can use Scott' Starter Fertilizer right after seeding.


If you want to start from scratch, water the lawn, wait for the blades of the grass to dry,then spray with Roundup, spray again in a week, wait for everything to get crispy and dry.

Add in soil amendment at the rate of one bag to evey 100 square feet [10'x10' area ]  mix in well, then add  grass seed and seed cover and keep moist for 3 weeks.

Hope this helps


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Posted 2013-05-29T22:48:47+0000  by Gail_HD_OC
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