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Welding tips

I'm trying to weld things together with an oxyacetyline torch. Never done this before and im trying to learn how. Which brazing rods should I use for general metals?

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Posted 2010-11-17T04:00:01+0000  by rambodan87 rambodan87

Good morning, Rambodan, I'm Ray the Hammer, and not only do I work at The Home Depot in Atlanta, I'm also a blacksmith. I need to get some more specifics from you in order to help you out. What are you trying to do? Brazing and welding are not exactly the same, so I need to know what materials you are going to use because if you are using oxyacetylene, you are brazing, and you might be better off purchasing a small welder. Get back to me as soon as you can, and I'll get you started on the right foot. I'll be here today and Friday.

Posted 2010-11-17T13:23:45+0000  by TheHammer
I need to fix a piece of metal that came with my bed and am planning on buying a small welding kit. How can I tell if buying the product that will help me? thinkink on getting one of those kits under $25 that brings all suppies. Is a very small job.
Posted 2012-12-27T00:52:33+0000  by rayala0656
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