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Wet sill plates

Due to Hurricane Harvey, I had some relatively minor water intrusion into my home through the weep holes in the brick. It was approximately 2 weeks before I caught on since no water was seen coming into the home. The water apparently ran along the sill plate, wetting them along with the back of the base boards and some sheetrock. Everything has been opened up for the last 2 weeks but I have a couple of questions. The sills feel and look dry and measuring with my pin-type meter I receive dry readings all along the sills. However with a pinless meter I am getting very wet readings in some areas. The pinless meter claims to read to a depth of 3/4" vs the very shallow measuring depth of my pin-type meter. Is the bulk of the moisture trapped between the slab and the sill plate? Which meter should I rely more heavily on? And might there be a pro-tip to speeding up drying of the bottom half of the sill where air movement is nill?

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Posted 2017-10-06T21:00:45+0000  by MBL MBL