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What In The World Is A 'Hose Bibb'?

Brass Hose Bibb


A Hose Bibb is the shut off valve for your garden hose. It is also known as a sill cock or tap; some folks call them a spigot. Hose Bibbs are located on the outside of the house near the main water supply. They feed water to your garden hose and used in the laundry room or garage to supply water to your washing machine and dryer, (if you have a steam dryer).

In some parts of the country, there known as sill cocks, (a cock or tap at or near the sill of the house). In colder climates, hose Bibbs have a remote shut off to avoid freezing in the winter.

Either way they are the source of water for your outdoor use and in some installations your sprinkler system, however most sprinkler systems use a gate valve or ball valve, since they are seldom turned off.

Hose bibbs are available in several different styles to suite various applications, however most have the outlet angled down and have hose thread at the end. They are installed using pipe thread or are soldiered on the water supply line.

The next time you need to replace that shut off for the garden hose just ask for a ‘Hose Bibb’.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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