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What In The World Is 'RamBoard' ?

Ram Board is a trade name, that has become the synonymous with paper fiber floor protection materials. Developed in 1999, Ram Board was originally designed to protect floors from the heavy demands of the movie industry. It was used on the sets of feature films such as Armageddon, The Hulk, Spider Man, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Word of Ram Board quickly spread to the construction industry where it now protects construction projects worldwide.

Contractors have used red-rosin paper for many years to protect flooring surfaces, however red-rosin paper had a tendency to stain the floor below and tear apart. 

Ram board is thicker and sturdier than rosin paper and has become the most popular floor protection product on the market. It protects existing floors from stains, scrapes and scratches during remodeling projects; it also allows moisture to escape through the fibers to prevent floor damage. It is sold in rolls of various lengths and held in place with special Ram Board seam tape.

The next time you are in your local Home Depot check out the Ram Board.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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Posted 2018-04-26T18:25:20+0000  by Mike_HD_OC Mike_HD_OC