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What In The World Is a Contour Gauge?


When was the last time you had to cut around a post, beam or plumbing fixture to install flooring or wood trim and wondered how to duplicate the shape? Well the answer is a Contour Gauge.

 A contour gauge makes tiling, woodworking, flooring and carpeting applications a breeze. Its stainless steel contour wires can form around any object to replicate inside and outside angles and shapes with ease. Its body is stainless steel for strength and features a ruled edge.

Just slide it up against the shape to duplicate, the wires will slide back into the handle duplicating the outline of the object, once you have the gauge set, you can use it as a template to transfer the shape to your material.

 I recently installed vinyl plank flooring in my kitchen, my contour gauge made cutting around doorways and cabinet bases easy and it allows you to make accurate cuts with a minimum of wasted material. I have used cardboard, aluminum foil even play dough to duplicate shapes, believe me a contour gauge beats them all and is a lot easier to work with.

The next time you need to duplicate a shape or cut around an obstruction, stop by your local Home Depot and buy a contour gauge.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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Posted 2019-02-22T01:57:05+0000  by Mike_HD_OC Mike_HD_OC