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What In The World Is a Finger Joint?


There are a number of different kinds of joinery in the wood working world, rabbit joints, dado joints, dove tail joints etc. The finger joint is not as complex or as difficult to create as a dove tail joint, but is similar in strength.

It is usually created using a table saw, with a router and special finger joint bit or automated machinery in a lumber mill. However they can be cut by hand as well. Simply a finger joint consists of a series of interlocking profiles in two pieces of wood one piece has the fingers the opposite piece the slots the fingers fit into. This type of joint gains it strength by the interlocking of the pieces creating a large surface area for gluing the wood together, making a very strong joint.


Cabinet makers use finger joints in the construction of cabinet drawers, which need to be strong to stand up to daily use without falling apart. Finger joints are also use by lumber mills, the mills take small cut off pieces and join them together to make longer pieces of siding or molding, thus reducing the scrap rate in the mills. Finger joined wood is as strong as a solid piece of lumber and the joints are not visible after painting. If you visit a lumber yard you can buy molding from solid pieces of wood or finger joined pieces, the finger joined pieces will cost less and are less likely to warp.

The next time you at your local lumber yard consider buying finger joined wood, it will cost less and you will help the environment by reusing wood that otherwise would be thrown away.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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