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What In The World Is a Mattock?


A mattock is a versatile hand tool, used for digging and chopping, similar to the pickax. It has a long handle, and a stout head, which combines an ax blade and an adze (cutter mattock) or a pick and an adze (pick mattock).

While a pickax is used to dig in hard or clay soil, a cutter mattock is often used to remove roots. The flat blade edge allows you to trench soil and the ax end to cut roots.

    Husky Cutter Mattock

I often use the flat blade edge to remove weeds in my flowerbeds and cultivate the soil. It is narrower and easier to use than a shovel for garden work. The heavy head makes a good solid impact in the soil, breaking it up easily. Mattocks make a great weeding tool, just one whack and they are gone!

The next time you visit the Home Depot garden tool department, check out the mattocks, they are handy tool to have for any home gardener.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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Posted 2018-09-24T22:12:33+0000  by Mike_HD_OC Mike_HD_OC

Greetings Mike,

Wow! A mattock is not a tool that I would have ever thought of for weeding...but now I will recommend it to customers with an overwhelming weeding job!

Thanks for the great information and sharing,
Posted 2018-10-04T12:09:42+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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