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What Is the Difference Between Annuals & Perennials?

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I often get the asked as to what the difference is between annuals and perennials.

The easy answer is that annuals die off and must be planted every year. Perennials are planted 1 time and come back every year. This leads to other questions.


Why would anyone plant annuals when they can plant perennials 1 time?


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Perennials are great but traditionally bloom for much shorter periods of time. Most perennials bloom for a month or two and then just stay as foliage until first frost when they start to die back. Many annuals will bloom through the entire spring and summer and die off once the cold weather arrives.

It is possible to plant a perennial garden that will bloom all spring and summer, but you will have to plant many different types of perennials that bloom at different times of the year, therefore this will leave you planting all year long.


Most perennials prefer full sun, therefore the possibilities are endless for a sunny perennial garden. .


Butterfly Bush


 Canna Lily








Purple Coneflower






  Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’




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Annual beds, you can plant one or many types of plants all at once and walk away from it the rest of the year, except to water it.

Most annuals prefer full sun to partial shade as a general rule of thumb. There are some exceptions, for example Impatiens, green leaf Begonias, Coleus and Caladiums are some of the few shade loving annuals.



Green Leaf Begonia


There are cool season annuals like Pansies that you plant in the fall that do not tolerate heat but do well in cold weather
and snow.


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