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Building Materials

What Makes it Work? - Concrete

We see, drive on, walk on and work in concrete structures every day, without a second thought. We take this product for granted and seldom even think about how it has affected our lives.

The Romans first invented concrete. They built numerous concrete structures, including the Pantheon in Rome, that has a 42-meter-diameter dome made of poured concrete that survives to this day!

Concrete is a product produced using Portland cement, aggregate such as sand and gravel and water. When combined in various ratios this mixture makes on extremely hard and durable product known as concrete.

Variations in the formula allow specific concrete for specific applications. The formula for a freeway overpass will be different than the formula for sidewalks, but both have the same main ingredients. Various chemical ingredients are added to the mix to allow for faster or slower setup, to reduce shrinkage, enhance flow of the mixture or to prevent corrosion. 


Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA

Today, concrete is major element of every construction project from freeways to skyscrapers. Without concrete many of these projects would not be possible.

The next time you in your local Home Depot, visit the concrete aisle and check out all of the different concrete products we sell.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man
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Posted 2019-10-22T22:27:23+0000  by Mike_HD_OC Mike_HD_OC

Greetings Mike,

Concrete is amazing, I have a true appreciation and respect for concrete and the mason laborers that work with it.

A few years ago I did the above, tiny project using fast setting concrete and it was a heavy, eye opening experience! I hope to take some time to work with it again, it is a real commitment medium to work with.

Thank you mike for pointing out a substance that is taken for granted, and overlooked because it is so not seeing the forest through the trees .....we are surrounded by concrete, everyday all the time.

I do find the concrete aisle at the Home Depot to be a fascinating place it truly is the "foundation" of The Home Depot business.

Keep them coming,

Posted 2019-10-24T12:31:09+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
Thank you for sharing this useful information, I will regularly follow your blog.

Posted 2019-11-05T03:51:01+0000  by minion89
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