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What are the best blackout shades?

Looking into blackout shades for my baby's room. Do you know which are the best?

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Posted 2013-06-06T16:22:39+0000  by diynewbie22 diynewbie22

Hello diynewbie22 and welcome to The Community.

I sell a lot of window treatments at my store for baby’s rooms and the overwhelming majority are room darkening or blackout cellular shades.  They will keep out the light – great for keeping baby asleep during afternoon naps – and have an added benefit of increasing the energy rating (R-value) by insulating the window and providing some noise reduction.  The double cell (honeycomb) shades are more energy efficient than single cell shades; some are available with energy shields (inner coatings) to boost the rating.  Cellular shades are available in numerous colors to match your décor. 


As you can see in this photo, these shades are cordless – which will be a great safety feature when the baby starts to reach for things like strings (which can be a hazard).  Another great option to consider is the top down-bottom up feature in which the top of the shade can be lowered (as shown in the right two windows) to allow some light into the room while maintaining privacy in the lower part of the window.  The two window treatments on the left show the standard bottom up feature of the shade. 

Best wishes on your project.

Posted 2014-05-23T20:19:07+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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