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What colors look good with Behr oregano spice. cmccray

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Posted 2013-09-29T14:48:13+0000  by cmccray cmccray

Welcome to our community Cmccray!


Thank you for your question! On the Behr website there is a program that allows you to coordinate any color in the Behr library called 'ColorSmart'. 


Here's how it works.


First, go to Then, click on "Find your color" towards the top of the page.


Behr 1


Next, click on "Behr's Virtual Color Centers".


Behr 2


Now, you have to click on the Behr Ultra side or the Behr Premium Plus side. The color you chose is on the Premium Plus side, so click on that side.


Behr 3


Towards the bottom of the page, type in the name of the color where it says "Search for color" and press enter.


Behr 4


Confirm that is the color that you want, and click the little box on the right side to check your color. Then, click the button that says "Visualize Colors with ColorSmart by Behr".



Now a pop-up window will appear and click "Coordinate".


Behr 5


From here you can pick if "Oregano Spice" is going to be the main or accent color or if you want to see colors that are similar to "Oregano Spice".


Behr 6


You can play with color combinations and even virtually paint a room with the colors you have chosen.


I encourage you to play around with the program and find the perfect color combination for your room.


Please let us know if we can help with anything else!


Christine :)





Posted 2013-09-30T19:18:13+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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