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What could be causing water to seep from underneath my laminate flooring?

In the back of my house, about a foot from my porch door, and about a foot from my fireplace, there is water seeping through the wooden laminate. It's been raining ALOT and I've just noticed it. There aren't any faucets on the back part of the house (although the shower is in the back in the house by on the far left side not near this leak) so I'm not sure if there are any pipe around there. There is about a 1 foot gap between the door and the seepage that is not seeping water. It is only seeping in a straight line about 10 feet across (ending near the fireplace). I've also noticed that my porch roof leaks about where the porch roof meets the actual roof, and is right where the fireplace is. I've attached a diagram of the layout. Any ideas of what this could be?
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Posted 2016-02-08T15:41:23+0000  by MarkMarhon MarkMarhon
Hello MarkMarhon.  Welcome to the Community!

I think you may have answered your own question.

You have a roof leak, but that's not where the water is showing up on the floor.
Does the roof pitch down from where you have the porch roof leak to the wall where you have the floor seepage?  Water travels in strange ways to get from the roof to the ground.

I'd bet that's where the seepage is coming from.


Posted 2016-02-09T15:56:50+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
Hello MarkMarhon,

Eliminating water leaks is a step-by-step process.

Since you already know that the roof is leaking, I'm including a video I produced:

How To Locate and Repair Roof Leaks

Watch Our How-To Video

Pay particular attention to the instruction on finding and repairing leaks in the valleys.

The shingle valley where your fireplace joins the roof is a very common leak location.

Once you stop the leaks from the roof, come back and we'll discuss any residual problems.
Posted 2016-02-09T16:12:00+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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