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What do I use aluminum vinyl siding trim coil for?

Where does aluminum vinyl siding trim coil go on a house?

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Posted 2013-09-26T04:33:56+0000  by lmo lmo

Hello Imo.  Welcome to the Community.


Aluminum trim coil.


Aluminum trim coil has several uses.  The most common use for trim coil is to cover fascia boards, exterior window trim, flashing for roofs and decks or any exposed wood on a structure that will be exposed to the weather.  By covering these areas you minimizes the maintenance required to protect these surfaces and in many circumstances eliminate the necessity to paint.

Coil stock comes in a variety of sizes and colors some of which can be found at your local Home Depot or on Home  If you need a non-stock color it can be special ordered at the contractors desk.

The use of a brake is needed to custom form the aluminum.  You can purchase a brake or rent one from The Home Depot Tool Rental.   


The Home Depot carries many preformed pieces of trim covers in their building department that can be installed with out the use of a brake.


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Posted 2013-10-01T16:42:15+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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