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What flower seeds to plant now for spring/summer flowers?

I'm looking to have a hearty bunch of flowers for spring/summer. The problem is I don't have the healthiest soil despite many tries at making it better so whatever type of seeds I use must be the strong types that can handle such soil. Any reco's would be appreciated. TIA
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Posted 2018-12-02T06:39:02+0000  by Pat2465 Pat2465
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Greetings Pat2465,

Good for you for thinking ahead, spring will be here before you know it!

Planting seeds at this time of the year can be tricky your best bet is to plant perennial seeds. My first thought is for you to plant Lupine seeds. Lupines are one of my, most favorite, of springtime flowers, the flower heads tower over the foliage in the most beautiful, jewel tones and pastel colors they are……absolutely stunning, and best of all the Lupine thrive in terrible soil! Coneflower is also a great seed to sow at this time as well; also Coneflower- Echinacea is another plant that thrives in poor quality soil.

I cannot tell what part of the country you are from, planting seeds at this time of the year mimics nature; most perennials would have already spread their seeds from dried seed heads by now so planting any seeds at this time is a bit chancy but totally worth the effort.

First step is to find the seeds, check your local Home Depot, some stores still have seed racks displayed, look for perennial seeds, if not check on line. Rake your soil well, breaking up the top few inches of the garden bed you wish to plant, and then sprinkle the seeds. Next, make sure to cover the seeds with a covering of soil and then tamp the seeds down with your foot so that the seeds are well-seated and will not become displaced by wind or water.

Be mindful in the spring to leave the newly planted bed alone, just leave it be…wait…. and see what emerges, like I stated this is a tricky time of year, it is a bit late but seeds are an inexpensive way to experiment and if you are successful that is a bonus!

I do recommend getting a few Lupine plants at your local Home Depot in the spring the Lupines are great plants for troubled soil, the plant actually throws its own seeds and naturalizes, flourishing in poor, rocky, barren soil.

Lupine is the state flower of Maine, growing on the rocky coastline and in the woodland valleys, as illustrated in the childrens book about the state flower, Miss Rumphius. 

I totally recommend the Lupine first, and also the Echinacea Coneflower!Video 222 0 00 51-46.jpg

Rudebeckia-Black Eyed Susan, are wonderful late season flowers! I also suggest you pick up some Dahlia bulbs in the spring if you want to have bunches of incredible blooms for the summer, the dahlia bulbs are planted once the treat of frost is gone and will flower the same season…they are incredible flowers, and so, so many varieties to choose from!

You have many choices Pat; let us know if you have any additional questions,


Posted 2018-12-06T16:03:37+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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