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What in The World Is "Plumbers Tape"?

    Plumbers Tape

If you walk into your local Home Improvement store and ask for "Plumbers Tape” the sales person will probably hand you a roll of pipe thread sealant tape known as Teflon tape. (However, the Teflon brand is no longer associated with it)

The words associated with particular items have changed over the years; we now have cell phones and the term “I’ll call your cell”, is used as opposed to”I will phone you.” The term plumbers tape, originally and still in the trade refers to 3/4-inch wide metal strapping with holes used to secure plumbing and fixtures to a buildings structure.

It's called 'pipe tape' due to the fact it is designed to hold pipes in place and sold in a roll like duct or package sealing tape. Plastic plumbers tape is now available as well.

In the DIY space, the term "plumber's tape" has been applied to thread seal tape. Used in the trades as well as by homeowners to seal the threads on metal pipe plumbing connections.

   Pipe Thread Sealing Tape

On one of our major competitors' web site, when you type in “plumbers tape“ you will get an image of pipe thread sealing tape and not the real thing. At the Home Depot, we know the difference.

The next time you stop by the local Home Center, ask a plumbing associate what the difference is between plumbers tape and pipe thread sealing tape and see if they really know the difference.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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