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What is a High Efficiency Washer?

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Washing machines have changed more in the last 10 years an any other appliance. Welcome to the world of the HE Washer!



Modern High Efficiency washers bear little resemblance to the washer your mother had.



The older machines had an agitator a transmission and a mechanical timer. As the timer moved through the cycle, different relays were triggered by the timer to change from fill to wash to rinse and finally to drain and spin.



Older machines used an agitator and had a small tub, Modern machines use electronic controls, which are far more precise, there is no transmission or agitator and the tub rotates throughout the cycle.





Modern Washers and Dryers have steams cycles which help remove stains and sanitize your washing. The steam cycle on the dryer removes wrinkles.



In the old style machine, you placed your clothes in the tub, added soap and turned it on. The machine filled with water usually 20 gallons and started to wash.



The trouble is it used lot of water, too much in fact, you could throw in two socks and the machine would still fill up all the way.



Modern machines use electronic sensors to detect the size of the load and add only enough water for that particular load, saving hundreds of gallons of water each month. You’re water savings each month will pay for the new HE machine over the first 3-4 years.







Modern HE washers use an Impeller instead of an agitator.


In addition, spin speeds in modern washer are much higher; this helps to extract the maximum amount of water from the load prior to it being placed in the dryer reducing drying time and saving energy.



Modern washers also offer new features such as steam cycles to sanitize your clothing and remove allergens and some new machines even offer a wash and dry cycle that washes your clothes and then air dries them.





This Whirlpool washer washes and dries you clothing in one cycle.


New top load washers off the same water and energy savings benefits as front loaders and cost less, in addition larger tub sizes up to 5.6 cubic foot allow you to wash larger loads, saving time and energy, one load for whites, one for your colored items.









This LG top load washer will wash 16 bath towels at one time using a fraction of the water used by an older machine.



Finally, since all new washers use much less water and agitate longer a new style detergent was needed, enter the HE or High Efficiency detergent.


High Efficiency detergent works in the same manner as your original detergent however it has an anti-foaming additive to prevent excess suds


Excessive suds in an HE machine will confuse the load size sensors and cause the machine to stop. Since modern HE washers use much less water, less detergent is required as well. One major manufacturer recommends two table spoons maximum per load.

So the next time you visit your local Home Depot stop by the appliance department and check out the new HE washers, you’ll be amazed at all of the modern technology!

Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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