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What is a brush comb and why do I need one?

As you're standing there looking at all the brushes, over on the side, something might catch your eye. A brush comb. "What in the world is a brush comb?" you may ask. Well, it's the secret to getting the best results from any brush you use.


As you paint, you begin to see paint building up about half-way up the bristles. This is particularly a problem with the lower VOC paints being sold, because they tend to dry faster. Running the brush comb through the brush about every 10-15 minutes while painting keeps this from happening. It also helps reshape the bristles.


As for cleaning, the brush comb helps get whatever cleaning fluid you're using into the well. The well is the reservoir in the center of the brush where there are no bristles. It's where the majority of the paint is stored when you dip your brush into the paint.

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Posted 2010-10-30T03:17:48+0000  by Paul Paul

Hey Paul.

This is Ingar from The Home Depot in Atlanta. I just talked to Allen in my paint department, and he has professionally painted houses with his father and brothers for 30 years. He told me that when having so much money tied up in the high quality brushes, that having a comb is a must. After washing a brush, it is good to comb your brush because this will straighten your bristles, keeping it from flaring, giving you a fresh straight edge whenever cutting in your next job. After several jobs with the same brush, paint can work its way up into the top of the bristles. Combing it regularly will also make it much easier to wash. When choosing a brush, it is recommended paying a little extra for a good brush, this will make cutting in lines much easier, and a comb will help extend the life of your brush. Welcome to the community, we are glad to have you as a member of The Home Depot family.

Posted 2010-10-31T16:48:37+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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