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What is the best paint?

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Posted 2017-08-09T21:35:44+0000  by bbastien bbastien
Hello bbastien, and welcome to the Community!

I suggest you check with Consumer Reports, they test & rate different brands of paints, interior and exterior, if you don't have a subscription you can always check with your library, they usually keep back copies. 

Posted 2017-08-10T12:43:18+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Hi bbastien,

You have asked the $64,000 question,(that was the name of a 1950's TV game show) the answer, it depends! It depends on the application and the performance criteria. As a general rule, higher quality paints are 100 percent acrylic and have a high solids or pigment content, they have anti fungal additives ,cover better and generally will last longer.

Most name brands offer a best grade such as Behr Marquee, Benjamin Moore Aura, Sherwin-Williams Emerald, all are exceptional paints and cost upwards of $90.00 a gallon at the manufacturers retail stores.

Discounts are common but is a paint that costs $90.00 a gallon that much better than a $45.00 dollar paint?

The answer often is no, the color range may be greater and the can fancier, but there are just so many ingredients you can add to paint to increase its coverage and durability.

Stick with the name brands and their top tier paints and you won't go wrong. Among the top brands of premium paint Behr Marquee offers the best value and is very highly rated by Consumer Reports for durability. However Behr Premium Plus Ultra is a close second and costs less.

Angelo is right, look at Consumer Reports and view their durability test reports, often a brands second tier paint offers virtually the same performance as their top tier paint for a lot less money.

You can buy a Rolls Royce, but a Cadillac will get you there just as fast, for a fraction of the cost.

Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

Posted 2017-08-10T19:45:42+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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