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What is the best thing to use to remove grease from kitchen cabinets before staining?

I am staining my kitchen cabinets, however I need to clean them before staining.  I have cleaned them with Dawn soap and water.  What is the best thing that I can use to remove the grease build up that is on the cabinets?  I'm not concerned with removing the current finish because I'm staining them anyway.  Thanks!

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Posted 2013-04-29T14:38:50+0000  by queenlatour queenlatour

Welcome to our community Queenlatour!


My name is Christine and I work in the paint department at Home Depot.


I just talked with another paint expert here on the community and he said whenever he has had to remove tough grease from cabinets, it always used paint thinner. Paint thinner will break down cooking grease quite easily. Just make sure, before you do anything else, that you run your hand over the entire surface and check for sticky spots that may have been missed.


I would like to talk to you about your entire project before I let you go. I'm going to guess that you have a polyurethane on your cabinets at the moment. Before you can stain, you have to take off or sand off that clear coat. If you do not, the stain will not be able to penetrate the wood, which is bad news. In all honesty, it would be most ideal for you to strip down the cabinets so you are staining bare wood. Doing this will give you a clean slate and give you practically new cabinets.


I'm not sure where you are in the buying process, but I wanted to recommend a product that we sell in our stores that may make this project go by a little bit easier. This product is Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations.


Cabinet Transformations


This kit includes everything you need to update your cabinets. There is a deglosser (which will also remove your pesky grease stains), 2 quarts of stain (in the color of your choosing), a decorative glaze and a top coat. Also included in each kit is an instructional DVD. Many people have had great success with this kit. I would recommend you check out this kit and see if it is something you would be interested in trying.


If you have any more questions, please let us know!


Christine :)




Posted 2013-04-29T17:56:20+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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