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What is the best tool to use to paint a textured wall?

I need to paint a textured wall and I want the best tools possible.

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Posted 2013-05-06T20:47:28+0000  by emily17doer emily17doer




Textured walls can be painted with a roller,  just as a smooth wall would be. The main adjustment is to the length of knap of the roller cover. The heavier, deeper the texture, the longer the knap of the roller must be to be able to reach the "valleys" of the texture without unduly pressing down on the roller.


A relatively light "orangepeel" texture would use a 3/8ths or possibly 1/2 inch knap.  Deeper "knockdown'  would use a 1/2inch or possibly 3/4 inch knap, depending on how deep the texture is. Popcorn ceilings would use 3/4 or even one inch deep covers. Again, depending on the deepth of the texture.


Quality roller covers  will give you the best results on textured walls. Cheap rollers rapidly mat down and are then unable to adapt to the texture. You end up having to press down harder on the roller and re-roll the area several times to assure that no "holidays" are left in the new paint. Further, cheap rollers which have matted down will not pick up as much paint, forcing you re-fill your roller more often.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-05-07T05:33:42+0000  by ordjen
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