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What is the best type of paint and/or stain to use on particle wood?

I have a child's stool and a book shelf made out of particle wood. I've started sanding them but I am unsure of the best type of paint and best type of stain to use on the particle wood? Can you please help me with this?

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Posted 2013-11-24T00:03:33+0000  by ksoque ksoque




Generally a non-water soluble primer, such as Kilz or BIN , is best to use on MDF particle board. Water tends to swell the surface, making a smooth surface difficult to achieve. The dry primer will then sand smooth and seal the  board allowing for a nice looking finish coat.


MDF actually takes stain well and ends up looking kind of like cork. Again, use an oil stain rather than water base. Finish with a couple coats of of urethane varnish. Unstained MDF looks like natural cork when just varnished with an oil urethane.


Since these are rather small proects, you might consider finishing with spray cans. The RustOleum spray cans are a fast dry oil paint. Although they are self-priming, consider using the dedicated primer first, due to the very porous nature of MDF.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-11-24T06:08:22+0000  by ordjen
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