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What is the best way to attach 2X4s to a cinderblock wall?

I'd like to build some shelves in our unfinished basement out of 2X4s, and attach them to the cinderblock walls.  What is the best way to do this?  Is it something that a novice shouldn't try?

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Posted 2011-01-14T03:44:35+0000  by Kuma Kuma

Good morning, Kuma, let me begin by saying that this is something anyone can do... a little patience and planning and you'll be able to get that basement organized in no time. You'll need to purchase, rent, or borrow a hammer drill to simplify matters, but this a straight forward task.

In addition to working at a Home Depot in Atlanta, I'm also a blacksmith, and I've anchored many of my pieces to various types of walls, so I'll give you several different options that even a novice can use.

First you need to pick out your anchors, toggle bolts, or a variation called a "toggler", are the easiest to use. Also there are anchors by Hilti and Redhead  called sleeve anchors that are also good choices, and I'll include pictures of all these at the end. Pop in to the Home Depot and any hardware associate will be able to show them to you.

On the package it will tell you what size masonry bit to use, so pick out the anchor, your bit, and get that hammer drill. You can pick up one starting at about 70 bucks, and they also work as a normal drill with the flick of a switch (you'll need one of those too, so two birds, one stone).

Drill a hole big enough for the "bolt" to go through the 2x4 ( one every foot or so, depending on the length, ) and counter sink with a bit bigger than the head of the bolt, so that the head is below the surface, about half way through the 2x4... you'll see why when you see the anchors. Use these holes to mark the block

Next, drill the appropriate size hole in the block, and here's the important part, make sure that you hit the "empty" or "hallow" area of the block. Once you see the anchors,again, you'll know why.

As I said before, each anchor will tell you what size bit you need, but on the side of the package it will also show you how it needs to be installed in order to work properly.

Any har ware associate will gladly point out the correct use of these products, so don't be afraid to ask for any clarification if this seems complicated. This is really a simple project and all you'll need is a Saturday and a friend that can help you hold things.

Ray the Hammer


sleeve anchor.jpgtoggler.jpgtoggle bolt.jpeg

Posted 2011-01-14T14:19:14+0000  by TheHammer

Thanks very much.  It doesn't sound so difficult.  I'll start my planning and go talk to someone at the store about it.  I appreciate your help.

Posted 2011-01-15T01:21:34+0000  by Kuma
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