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What is the best way to paint enterior walls, as we are having streaks from our roller

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Posted 2013-07-21T21:35:07+0000  by tlwilliams tlwilliams

So painting isn't quite as easy as it seems. :smileyfrustrated:


Get the paint on the wall with as even coverage as you can as quickly as you can.  Then try "back rolling".  Run the roller, without a lot of paint on it, from ceiling to floor, not a lot of pressure.  Nice even vertical strokes, overlapping slightly until you cover the painted area.  Then move on and repeat the steps.

Posted 2013-07-22T04:10:13+0000  by Adam444

 Buy a quality roller cover, don't skimp on the paint, and then roll back into what was rolled with the previous roller fill-up. "Back roll", as Adam puts it.  Being right handed,  it feels more natural for me to move down the wall working from left to right. A full fill-up of paint on the roller will only cover one full stroke width of the roller. Then, although I am moving left to right, I am rolling back right to left into what was covered the previous fill-up of the roller, This re-rolling or "back-rolling" insures that the ridges of paint get knocked down and that the paint film on the wall is nice and even. Paint laid out evenly will not streak.


Streaking will also be more pronounced when the walls have not been properly sealed with a primer, or two coated with the newer primer and paint in one paints. Streaks occur when those areas that received a slightly heavier coat of paint, i.e. the ridges off the edge of the roller, result in a better sealed area and hence more sheen.


One of the reasons builders love to use that "contractors grade" paint is that it dries dead flat with absolutely no sheen or streaking.  It does not streak and can be easily touched up. Just don't try to wash it! The chaulky pigment will wash right off the wall!

Posted 2013-07-22T06:31:01+0000  by ordjen
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