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What is the best way to remove rust from outside patio chairs?

We got a cast off on the side of the road that is very nice and some of the chairs arm's are rusted.  Would like to try and put some sweat equity into it and make it beautiful again.

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Posted 2013-08-15T15:25:23+0000  by MaureenT MaureenT



You have two options:  you can totally remove the rust by sanding with emory cloth, use of  a wire brush and or naval jelly. Naval jelly is a jelled acid which eats up the rust. These items can all be found in the paint department at Home Depot. After the metal is clean, you can prime it with RustOleum clean metal primer.


A second possibility is to remove any severe rust, but then spray with RustOleums Rust Converter. This actually converts the rust toan inactive state and leaves a black surface ready to paint. RustOleum advises that the rust NOT be totally removed if this product is used.


A quality finish coat can then be sprayed over the surface, either by brush or spray can. RustOleum has a full line of paints with the "stops rust" logo suited for metal surfaces.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-08-15T16:15:53+0000  by ordjen

Thank you and it does help!!

Posted 2013-08-15T19:45:54+0000  by MaureenT
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