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What is the most secure way to install a stained-glass panel in a window?

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Posted 2014-01-09T20:18:48+0000  by malkuth malkuth

Hi malkuth,


My wife and I have collected antique stained glass for many years. Most of the glass is still in the original window frame from when it was removed. Most of them come from England, where the windows are being replaced with better, more energy efficient versions.


We simply hang the window panels inside our energy efficient windows that are fitted on our home.


2013-09-21 18.26.07.jpg


I installed screw eyes in the top of the window frame, added two chains down to two more screw eyes in the frame of the stained glass. I use ''S'' hooks between the chain and the eyes.




This keeps my energy efficient windows intact, while displaying my stained glass for everyone to see.


Thanks for asking. Welcome to The Community!!!






Posted 2014-01-10T15:58:48+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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