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What is the window above a door called, and where can I find some?

I have a tiny bedroom, without a lot of light, but with very high 14 ft ceilings. I'd like to install some french doors, but I can only find 80' tall pre-hung doors. I'd like to add some windows above the door. Doesn't have to be anything fancy as it is an interior dry wall. I've been told that these windows are called transoms but haven't been able to find anything on the home depot, menards, lowes websites using that term.

Any ideas? I don't want to go custom if I can avoid it.
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Posted 2015-11-15T14:13:09+0000  by JennyHD JennyHD

Hi JennyHD,

You are correct, according to Websters New World Dictionary, a transom is
a strengthening crossbar or beam, in particular one set above a window or door. So a transom window is a window that is placed above a transom.

We do offer transom windows by special order through the Home Depot stores. However due to the small sales volume of transom windows we do not carry them in stock.

Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

Posted 2015-11-16T18:55:41+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Hello JennyHD !

Windows above the door, or Transoms are not the only solution, why not consider 96" or 8 foot tall door? HD can special order the doors, and has a variety of styles to choose. 


Posted 2016-03-03T14:40:19+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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