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What is this and where can I get more?

The silver thing, thanks!


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Posted 2011-08-31T14:50:23+0000  by MikeHGA79 MikeHGA79

Hello MikeHGA79,


Welcome back to the community.


It looks like you have what is called a Keyhole bracket.   keyhole bracket.jpg


Good news they are pretty easy to find. We carry them at the Home Depot in a 2 pack SKU#507-913. Here is a link so that you can make sure it’s the correct size that you need. We also carry a double keyhole bracket if you needed that.

                                                                                              keyhole double.jpg   


I’m curious now… What are you building that you need the keyhole brackets?


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Posted 2011-08-31T15:10:35+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Great, thanks!


I'm actually trying to reinforce the existing support for some floating shelves.  The shelf only has two of these keyhole brackets and I wanted to add a couple more so they can support more weight.



Posted 2011-08-31T17:07:49+0000  by MikeHGA79

That's what I thought it looked like from the picture. I have many of them in my office.


Make sure that you don't put to much weight on it since the screws are going into particle board. The Screws will pull right out.


Thanks again for your question. I look forward to seeing you around the community.:smileyhappy:

Posted 2011-08-31T17:26:43+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

How will you recess the brackets to ensure they will be flush with the shelf?


I am making custom floating shelves to fit in a certain space. I have the shelves stained and ready to mount the brackets, but I need help on the right tools for the job.


Does anyone know of a wicked drill attachment that will scrape out 1/16 of an inch to fit these brackets?

Posted 2014-01-02T22:12:25+0000  by DIYgirl75
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