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What kind of finish for outdoor redwood furniture?

I've almost completed a rectangular redwood table that I will be using in my backyard. The top is a series of 2x4's spaced a quarter inch apart and the legs are redwood 4x4's. I know I need to protect it somehow but am confused by all the options. 


I checked out the appropriate section at Home Depot and saw gallon cans of redwood stain. There are also a number of different kinds of exterior wood stain. What are my options here? I like the look of the table as is and don't want it too glossy. However it would be nice to darken the wood up a bit. 



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Posted 2011-04-25T17:40:34+0000  by Odjur Odjur

What a great spring project.




  The absolute best product to put down would be the BEHR PREMIUM Semi-Transparent stain.  It has complete protection against: Sun (UV), rain, snow, and Ice and will last at least 6 years before having to re-coat. I recommend stopping by your Home Depot and looking at the sample boards of colors available. 


   By the way, the semi-transparent stain is a one coat product.  But, if you went with the solid stain it will last 10 years and will require two coats.  The only thing is - that you lose the wood grain showing through.



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Posted 2011-04-25T18:36:58+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thanks for the advice. Here is the completed table. I went with the "natura" colored Behr stain.


Outdoor Table

Posted 2011-05-02T19:48:55+0000  by Odjur



That looks way better than I envisioned - you made the community proud.   Whats next?

Posted 2011-05-02T23:47:56+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Hello Odjur,


I love your table.


Now it’s time to figure out if you’re going to make a couple of benches or a bunch of chairs. I did a post a while back on how to build a bench so I thought I would give you the link to check it out. I think a bench similar to the one in the post would go great with your table. You could use redwood so it would match your beautiful table.


If you were thinking of building chairs there are endless opportunities. You still can make them to match the table. I would suggest making the first one and once you’re totally happy with it you can cut the rest of the parts like an assembly line and then assemble each one.

teak chair.jpgMS chair.jpg tall chair.jpg

Keep us posted on your outcome.


Again great job on the table. I can't wait to see the seating arrangement. :smileyhappy:

Posted 2011-05-06T18:06:29+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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