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What kind of paint would i use to paint aluminum siding?

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Posted 2013-05-11T03:39:57+0000  by kpaine1 kpaine1




The preferred paint for aluminum and vinyl siding is a 100% acrylic latex exterior housepaint, such as those by Behr and Glidden.


Over the last couple decades, I have painted many aluminum sided homes, including my own, with great results. The quality of paint coating on early generation aluminum siding was not very good. They were prone to significant fading as the paint finish oxidized.


Proper preparation of the surface is  important  to guarantee adhesion. Older aluminum siding oxidizes with a chaulky, hazy film on the surface. To the best extent possible, this should be removed with a very vigorous power washing. Such a washing can be done by hand, but the power washing is a great time saver. Also, if algae or mildew is present, this should be removed by use of a clorine bleach solution.


If the surface has been washed down to the sound original paint, no dedicated primer is neccessary. The acrylic paint will bond directly to the old finish. Application can be either by spraying or by rolling and "back brushing".  Aluminum siding paints very easily with little drag on the brush .


Unlike vinyl siding, where one should not choose dark colors due to heat expansion, aluminum siding can have any color desired applied.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-05-11T04:36:49+0000  by ordjen
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