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What kind of welding sticks are used in a torch welder?

What kind of sticks are used to weld with a torch welder??
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Posted 2015-03-22T01:32:30+0000  by Craig0811 Craig0811
That's a good question but one that's a little hard to answer without more information from you.  When you say "torch welder" I'm going to assume you mean an oxygen-acetylene torch?  Oxy-acetylene is largely used to weld low carbon steels and to braze ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  The difference between welding and brazing is that welding takes place at temperatures where the base metal being joined melts while brazing takes place at much lower temperatures where just the filler metal melts.

For welding steel, you would use a mild steel rod that are usually coated with a thin layer of copper to prevent rust.  For brazing the choice in rod depends on the materials being joined. 

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Posted 2015-03-22T10:46:39+0000  by Adam444
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