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What paint is the best to use over lead paint outside on fascia. Was lead paint oil paing?

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Posted 2013-04-23T02:26:22+0000  by RobertLehnhoff RobertLehnhoff



Most lead paint was oil based. Remember the time frame: Lead paint has not been manufactuered for over 40 years. Oil paints were dominant in those days, especially for exterior paint.


Oil paint is treated as any other exterior paint: prime and paint, or use a self-priming exterior paint such as Behr Ultra. The important part is to try not to overly disturb the old paint film, loosening up free lead dust. Even OSHA standards will allow a minimal disturbance of lead paint by professional contractors. If you have to sand it, wear a lead rated face mask and wash your work clothes separately afterwards. If peeling is present, often a power washer will blow off the majority of the flakes without raising dust.


Hope this is of assistance.

Posted 2013-04-23T04:45:11+0000  by ordjen
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