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What paint shoudl i use to paint a stove?

I have black stove and the bottom panels are peeling because of water damage.  I would like to repaint if I could since the stove is fairly new.  Is this recommended and what kind of paint should I use?  I assume I should remove the existing paint first somehow?
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Posted 2015-03-13T19:17:53+0000  by LynneC LynneC
Welcome to our community Lynne! 

Thank you for your question! You will want to use a high heat paint to repaint your stove. The Rust-Oleum High Heat paint is available in both a brush-on and a spray- on applications.

To prep, you will want to make sure the surface is clean of all dirt, grease, oil, salt and chemical contaminants. You will also want to remove any loose paint and rust with a wire brush or sandpaper. You don't need to remove all of the paint, just the paint that is flaking off. After that, you are good to paint!

If you have any more questions, please let us know! 

Posted 2015-03-16T11:40:01+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
Hi LynneC!

As with many paint inquiries, there are options for your stove.

If the stove is wood burning or coal burning, then heat is transferred into the room because the stove is also a heat source.

In that case, Christine's recommendation for high heat paint will serve you well.

If, on the other hand, your stove is a modern gas or electric oven then the appliance body is insulated and the exterior surfaces is cool and safe to touch.

In this case, you might consider using Black Appliance Epoxy.

Available in spray or brush-on version, this epoxy paint is most similar to the original appliance finish.

Prep would include removing all of the flaking paint, then using TSP and 000 Steel Wool to clean and prepare the surface.

Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and allow the surface to completely dry.

If you notice a hard edge where you remove the flake, use a 220-grit sandpaper to smooth those edges before cleaning, priming, and painting.
Posted 2015-03-17T17:39:36+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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