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What percentage of our customers are DIY, DIFM and contractors respectively?

I am doing a research  project and this info. is vague on internet searches
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Posted 2015-02-27T22:05:41+0000  by DS29 DS29
Hi DS29,

Thanks for joining us here on the community!

When you state 'our' customers, I'm not sure if you are meaning the customers online here or in general, i.e. also in Home Depot's stores.

Numbers can vary, but from the over 13 years I've worked for Home Depot, it varies greatly when you are speaking of online, certain departments, or just the store. The number can even vary from location to location, at least with a store.

Since there is no hard definite number, my recommendation would be for you to contact multiple stores, and speak/or meet in a person a salaried manager who can go over this in more detail. You can then ascertain from various stores when you speak to them to get a better percentage.

I say this because there's a big college near my store and I have students come in and ask this to managers quite a few times. This would be the best way to do it, just contact your stores nearest to you to get the best data you'll need for your research project.

Posted 2015-02-28T15:11:16+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Great question DS29!

Somewhere among all those statistics might be a two-sentence answer to your question.

But even if we could ID a number, applying that single number to every store would simply be misleading.

Allow a moment for an example:

My home store is surrounded by neighborhoods, but very few major roadways. We serve approximately eight-percent contractors.

Within eight-miles there are four other Home Depot stores:

One sits adjacent to a major interstate and serves approximately 34-percent contractors.

Another sits adjacent to the same major interstate and primarily serves apartment dwellers, but many fewer contractors.

A third store is along a larger local roadway and serves approximately 12-percent contractors.

And the fourth is along a similar, larger local roadway and serves approximately 17-percent contractors.

Five stores within a relatively small area, each serving a unique population composed of broadly ranging DIYers and Contractors.

Maybe the better study question would be what tools allow The Home Depot to understand their local populations to meet varied needs.

Did You Know?
  • We are the world’s largest home improvement retailer.

  • We are the fourth largest retailer in the U.S.

  • We are the fifth largest retailer in the world.

  • In 2010, The Home Depot was ranked No. 29 on the Fortune 500 U.S. list.

  • More than 1 million children built their first toolbox at a Kids Workshops.

  • The Home Depot has the largest garden club in the world.

  • Since its formation in 2002, The Home Depot Foundation has granted more than $270 million to nonprofit organizations improving homes and lives in local communities. 

  • Since 2008, The Home Depot's Framing Hope Program has donated $100 million worth of product to over 1,400 local charitable partners to renovate and rebuild homes. 

  • In 2010, The Home Depot announced a goal of cutting energy use in our stores by another 5% by 2015, resulting in a reduction of 20% since 2004.

These goal-driven summary statements did not simply "come to pass."

Each was driven by an internal agenda that was tracked, massaged, reported, and tracked some more.

On face value, several of these wouldn't appear to have an immediately identifiable or measurable impact on the bottom line.

However, each makes it easier to see that our associates and leaders "bleed orange" into the lifeblood of each community we serve.

Fiscal 2014 Highlights:
$83.2 billion in sales
1.4 billion transactions
$1 billion in new online sales
Key Drivers:
Broad growth across all geographies and entire store

And underlying all the numbers, algorithms, charts, and growth percentages is a retailer better defining its niche each quarter; and relying primarily upon product knowledge and customer service to meet, greet, and serve our loyal customers where they live, work, and shop.

Let's Do This!
Posted 2015-03-05T20:05:56+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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