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What product is recommended when fixing chipped paint and mildew in a bathroom & how?

I want to fix my bathroom, the paint is chipping and there is some mildew as well, what product do you recommend.

How would I go about fixing it?

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Posted 2013-09-30T19:53:57+0000  by Lizbett Lizbett





Do you mean chipping or peeling? Chipping is the result of  impact by some object. Peeling usually indicates bad adhesion.


If you just have a dent from some impact, a general pre-mixed acryic patching compond will fill it up in a couple coats, leaveing it ready for sanding and primeing and painting.


If the wall is peeling, you have to keep scraping at it until firm paint is reached. The resultng ridge must then be patched and feathered out to hide the difference in thickness. This can be done with the pre-mixed compound, or it can be done with drywall topping compound. I generally prefer the topping compound because it is easier to blend it into the old paint, especially if the wall has been textured. A premixed compound can be sanded, but where textured walls exist, a notieable ridge will remain at the edge of the patch. Drywall compound, after sanding, can be blended into the old texture with a dampened sponge. Compound will redissolve when wetted, pre-mixed spackling compound cannot.


Once the patch looks nice and smooth, you can procede with primeing and painting. If the wall has been textured, the patch should first be re-sprayed with a can of touch up texture spray.

Before starting the whole patching process, the mildew problem should be resolved. You never want to paint or patch over active mildew spores. A product I like for minor mildew is Clorox Clean-Up. It is available in the cleaning section at Home Depot. It is a combination of a cleaning solution and bleach, enough so that it will spot your bluejeans white!


In bathrooms, Behr's Ultra is especially recommended. It is inherently mildew resistant due to its dense nano-tecnology composition. Like all Behr products, it also has a chemical mildew retardant. Ultra is also self-primeing. You can actually use it to do the spot primeing of your patches, as well as go directly to the existing paint without a dedicated primer.


Hope this has helped .

Posted 2013-10-01T00:50:09+0000  by ordjen
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