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What size corner block for molding???

How do I know which size corner block I should pick for my crown molding?  I have  " crown mold that is 3" tall when installed.  What measurement do I need to go by on the retailers website when ordering corner blocks online?  For example: Would a 3.563-in x 7.5-in corner block (that's how it is listed on the retailer's website) work for my needs?  Thanks in advance.
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Posted 2016-12-04T18:23:52+0000  by timandivory timandivory
Without knowing the specific product you're looking at, I would assume that 7.5" is the tall dimension of the corner block.  The general size of the block is largely a matter of personal preference and it might be better to find stuff locally so you can see how it looking when combined with the crown.  If local isn't an option, pick a vendor with a liberal return policy.

Or invest the time and money in a good miter saw and learning how to cut/cope moulding and you can eliminate the need for corner blocks.
Posted 2016-12-05T09:39:25+0000  by Adam444
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