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What size gutter do I go with that will work with my tile roof?

Last year I had a new concrete tile roof installed which replaced the old one from the early 70's. Once the new roof was put on, the pitch changed and the current gutter on the front of the house is no longer good enough. It was an old 4 inch gutter...although to me it looks like 3 inches. Did they ever make 3 inch gutters?

Anyways now the water just shoots right past the gutter when it rains really hard in one area. My question is should I replace it with a 5 inch or 6 inch gutter? I'm guessing a 6 inch would be better?


Here is a picture showing what the gutter looks like right now with the new roof. I put a circle around the area where the water comes down fast and just shoots right past the gutter then ends up all over my front patio area.



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Posted 2011-08-30T21:06:09+0000  by natetrain247 natetrain247

I've never heard of 3" gutter.  From the picture you posted it looks like a 5" gutter currently.  Your problem is not the size of the gutter although a newer 6" gutter would be better.  You need a splash guard in the area where the water shoots off.  That's the bottom of a valley and it's a high volume water area.  Most gutter or roof guys know what a splash guard is, but basically it's a piece of metal that get's attached to the front lip of the gutter and is usually about 4" high x 6" wide.  The other thing that may not be as much a problem is the hole run of gutter appears to be attached too low on the fascia....maybe raise the entire gutter. 

Posted 2011-08-30T22:19:42+0000  by UllmanRoofing

It's defintly not a 5 inch gutter I know that much for sure. The gutter guards for 5 inch gutters dont fit as they are way to big. I thought about using the splash guards, but dont think that will help much. I'll see if I can raise them up some, but thinking a 6 inch gutter will help.

Posted 2011-08-30T23:51:25+0000  by natetrain247

You can measure the gutter by putting a tape measure on the back of the gutter and measuring to the very front lip of the gutter.   Here in Georgia 6" seamless aluminum gutters are pretty standard.  Six inch gutters are replacing the 5" gutters installed in the '80's and 90's.  Larger gutters are more for commercial buildings.  You can get 7" and 8" gutters and 7" box gutters and larger and so on, but for residential you have to be concerned with the weight especially when they fill up with water or tree leaves and straw...they will pull away from the fascia.


A 5" gutter should be adequate.  In a torrential rain it doesn't matter what size gutter you have.  If you do get new gutters, obviously get the 6".  At the base of that valley a splash guard should do the trick and as you mentioned if you do put new gutters on the house, raise them slightly.

Posted 2011-09-04T17:57:11+0000  by UllmanRoofing

Hello natetrain247,


I just wanted to add a couple of things to the already great posts that UllmanRoofing has done. I would agree that 5” gutters would be just fine.


Either way if you replace them or if you just want to make the ones that you have work you will need to add a splash guard where the rain shoots down the valley and over the gutter.


I had to add a splash guard to one of my gutters for the same reason. I was unable to find one to purchase so I had to make my own.


All I did was purchase a sheet of galvanized metal and cut it to the correct size and shape with tinner snips and folded it in half. My valley was on an inside corner so I had to fold it to make it fit the corner.

Then I clamped it in place and drilled 4 holes on each side going thru both the sheet metal and the gutter in order to use a Rivet gun and rivets to attach it.

Sheet of metal.sheet metal.jpg

Tinner Snipstin snips.jpg

Rivet Gun.rivet gun.jpg


My gutters were plain galvanized gutters so I didn’t need to paint it but you can paint it to whatever color you need prior to attaching it to the gutter.  


It looks like your gutter run ends just beyond the valley so you might want to fold it at the end cap to make it stronger. If you leave it just a flat sheet of metal sticking up without support it will most likely get bent over by the water shooting down the valley. The fold will keep it from bending over the edge of the gutter.


I hope this will get your water running the right way again.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.

Posted 2011-09-07T20:39:53+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

I have a 4500SF house and new gutters were installed a couple of years ago.  Apparently they are too small and the water just flows over the top of them, I would like a price to fix or replace these.


I also have a  barn that I need gutters installed. 


Posted 2013-03-11T16:32:33+0000  by deanives
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