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What size nailer?

Replacing trim and molding. I have a variety of Ryobi tools. Not sure which tool to purchase. Should I use the 18 gauge Brad or 16 gauge finish nailer?
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Posted 2018-09-19T22:27:21+0000  by Momo21 Momo21
A 18 gauge brad nailer is sufficient for most trim.  For large moulding, like big crown, a 16 gauge is better.  Obviously the bigger the nail, the bigger the hole it makes going in.  That's not an issue for painted trim but for stained trim you want as small as hole a possible so that when it's filled it's as unnoticeable as possible.

Sorry, I don't have any tool recommendations.  I have several older pneumatic nailers that work just fine.  There are plenty of cordless options for nailers if you want to go that way but if you already have a compressor, pneumatic may be a little more cost effective.
Posted 2018-09-20T07:02:49+0000  by Adam444

Hello Momo21, and welcome to the Community!

I agree with Adam444 with his nail gauge suggestion, and based on your info that you have Ryobi tools I suggest you check out this link on Ryobi Nailers. The Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless AirStrike Brad Nailers are highly rated on our website and if you already have the Ryobi batteries, it's much less expensive to just get the tool only. More DIY's are moving towards airless nailers because you don't need a noisy compressor and tethered to a hose. 

Read the online reviews and check out the tools in store, I'm sure you be very happy!


Posted 2018-09-20T12:17:36+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

Hello Momo,
First I would like to tell you that my grandchildren call me Momo :) and I would also like you to take a look at this post.

The workshop was a great success do to the ease and manageable Ryobi cordless brad nailer, check it out:


February 2018 DIY Spice Rack Workshop


The February Do-It-Yourself Workshop truly put a little spice into all the attendees’ lives!

This month’s project was a multiple step “Spice Rack”. The project was assembled using a wonderful tool that I am totally obsessed with, a 18 volt, Ryobi Brad Nailer. This powerful little gun can drive, 2 inch-18 gauge, brads into hard wood without a compressor…yay!  I have used a brad-nailer in workshops before along with a noisy compressor, and I have to say that I was a bit intimidated by that entire process of using that tool.

This Ryobi brad-nailer is powered by an 18 volt battery, it is easy to handle and much quieter than it’s big compressor cousins, and not scary at all! This is the perfect tool for a woodcrafter, someone that enjoys working with wood and making small wood projects, all the ladies loved using it to complete February’s project at the workshop!

It is always great to shake things up a bit and try new things…like new tools…you won’t know you like it until you try it! Just like stepping out on the third Thursday evening of every month, come to the Do-It-Yourself Workshop, you do not know what you are missing!

This month’s project is labeled “Spice Rack” but the tiny stepped unit could be used to organize make-up and nail polish, or tiny collectibles, or even fairy steps for a fairy garden.J

The workshops are happening at your local Home Depot monthly with new ideas, new projects, new tools, you will have new experiences and maybe even make some new friends…so spice it up a notch or a “step” in this case, stop by see what our workshops are all about!


This is Stephanie, workshop co-captain, after we put the Spice Rack prototype together, and me with my new favorite tool, the Ryobi 18 volt Brad Nailer, so much fun!!!

  from one Momo to another, it is a great tool!

Posted 2018-09-25T12:25:25+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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