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What style air nailer and nail should I use for exterior cement board/hardie board?

I would like to know what style air nailer and nail works best on exterior hardie board/cement board?
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Posted 2015-08-28T23:26:24+0000  by Tadpole1273 Tadpole1273
Perhaps you've seen it but James Hardie has an installation website full of instructional sheets, videos, and best practice tips including nail recommendations.  I think you'll find that most crews are running siding guns but if you plan on blind nailing roofing nails can be used too.  You want to make sure that the gun has enough power (Hardie board is tough to shoot through) and can be adjusted to get the nails flush (meaning the head of the nail is flush with the surface of the board).  If you live near the ocean, large body of water, or in a very humid climate then use stainless nails, otherwise hot dipped galvanized are fine.

You also want to pay particular attention to the proper methods of cutting the stuff because the boards contain silica which is a health hazard.
Posted 2015-08-29T09:59:39+0000  by Adam444
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