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What support structure , excluding base supports, is required for Polycarbonate patio cover.

Planning adding Smoke Polycarbonate roof to extend existing Patio. Using 2" x 8" Leadger & Header boards with 2" x 8" side supports. Cover will be 16'-0" long by 8'-0" wide. Will support with 4" X 4" at proper code. What will be neccessary for upper frameing? Will 2" x 6" runing 16' length, spaced 2'-0" O.C. with proper center bracing be adequate? Have seen Prep sheet on Poly @ Home Depot but not for some time. Have enclose cover part of patio with above Poly and very satisfied. Framed well and withstood 40 mph wind this winter.  Thanks for any help.  Leon Olsen

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Posted 2014-01-17T17:42:52+0000  by olyonsky olyonsky

Hi Olyonsky,


I am not a structural engineer and I would recommend you check with your local building department for the specific requirements in your area.


If you follow the local building code you will have a solid and safe structure.


The last thing you want to do is have the structure fail and injure yourself or a loved one.





Posted 2014-01-20T21:03:06+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Leon, There is a chart at the bottom of the second page showing proper purlin spacing. 
Posted 2018-01-19T06:04:19+0000  by SuzanneQ
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