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What temperature range is OK for exterior paint

What temperature range is ok for exterior painting?

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Posted 2013-11-30T15:36:15+0000  by knolen knolen




It is best to follow the instructions given on the label. Generally, the range is about 35 degrees to 90 degrees. Some paints, such as the Glidden exterior paints and Behr Ultra lines, go down to about 35 degrees. However, more mild temps are advisable. A good rule of thumb is that if it is comfortable for you, it is good for the paint too!


To be avoided is having paint go through the freezing point! Also, you want to stop early enough in the afternoon to give the paint enough time to set before the cool and dew of the evening.


Behr's new Marquee line has the 35 degree cut off point, plus it has a quicker set time. Should showers pop up, Marquis is normally safely set after about an hour. But remember, coolness and dampness slow down drying and  curing times. Err on the side of maximum dry time when possible.


Most of the year, you bend over backwards to stay out of the sun. In the cool and cold of fall and early winter, it is often advisable to stay in the sun where the direct sunshine is keeping the surface warm and promoting good drying. It keeps you more comfortable too.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-11-30T17:11:30+0000  by ordjen

Hello knolen!


Great question!


The generic reference to "exterior paint" actually includes numerous products ... each having their own properties and application guidelines.


Historically, application temp range for water-based exterior paints was between fifty-degrees and ninety-degrees Fahrenheit.


This is still true for many long-standing exterior products offered by Behr and Glidden.


More recently "Paint and Primer-in-one" products have extended our paint season into colder weather ... allowing application down to thirty-five degrees Fahrenheit. Ninety-degrees is the top temp for many exterior products. Above ninety-degrees paints and stains "flash dry," creating a brittle surface coat that commonly flakes off ahead of the manufacturers' expected product life.


But then you have exterior stains ... penetrating sealers that absorb into the wood and carry both color and weather proofing. These products allow application between forty-degrees and ninety-degrees Fahrenheit.


So the answer to your questions varies depending upon which exterior product you are "painting."



Most all exterior paints and stains can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled ... with a few exceptions that require specific applicators.



When in doubt, read the "Application" line on the product label.

Posted 2013-12-05T14:56:00+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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