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What thickness paver for 133lbs/foot square load?

What thickness cement paver do I need for a hot tub pad w/ 132 lbs/foot square load?

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Posted 2014-02-05T15:56:34+0000  by 2006clazo 2006clazo

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The manufactures’ recommended  thickness  of paver for the weight of 133 lbs./ft.  Is a minimum of 60mm or vehicular traffic rates.  In the mid west Home Depot carries several products that meet these specifications. Click on the colored word names to see more details and specifications, for the Valestone Hardscapes Monaco pavers, Marseilles Ashbury Haze paver and Old Castle Domino pavers. They are offered in a variety of colors as well. In different areas of the country you may have other chooses.  Check with your local Home Depot Garden Associate. 

                     751f8367-06fa-4088-a28b-378e8f40b623_65.jpg                         13d8ef42-d8ae-4641-a1ee-77a38f8de508_65.jpg                                 1e13c8af-f40b-4b4e-9b51-0559dcc870d4_65.jpg

 For instructional support I  have included two videos that will give you step by step instructions on how to prepare  and install pavers.  Keep in mind that compacted soil and base below the pavers are as important as the pavers themself.  Just click on links below.  and video #2

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Posted 2014-02-06T19:09:42+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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