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What to Paint My New 770sqft Apartment

Moving in my new 770sqft apartment. It has tan carpet, white walls and light to medium wood trim can't replace but I can paint. Single male...  Attached is a picture of the bedroom and living room along with kitchen for carpet and trim color the furniture is not mine.. Bedroom.JPG

Was thinking an accent wall the one with the windows...  The room is narrow and long so the bed will go infront of the window.......

Should I paint it all one color through out or diff color in each room. 

I like the Rolling Hills color S-H-400 but I think it is too dark.

I also like Asparagus 410D-4 for my bedroom..

I would also consider a warm tan but not sure if it is to much tan with the carpet and trim..



My 55 inch flat screen will go on the wall behind the vase was thinking an accent wall...

I am welcome to any and all suggestions..  Thank You.....Living Room.JPG

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Posted 2012-08-05T18:52:00+0000  by southbendman southbendman

Howdy Southbendman,


Welcome to the Home Depot community. This is the place to find answers to questions just like yours.


I think the best thing to do would be to use a color like the light green in one room, maybe the light tan in the kitchen, and a lighter green in the front room. Here is a list of Behr colors;behr-colors-18.gif


The English Country NEKB-2 would make a cool bedroom color, the Lace NEKB-26 would look nice in hallways, and the Sorbet would be great in a frontroom.


Either way, I've found using bright colors makes a space look smaller. I also found my eyes get tired in brightly painted rooms.


The best thing to remember is, if you turn to not like it, you can paint it a different color.


 Happy Painting,



Posted 2012-08-10T00:55:43+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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