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What to do about failed Parks Super Glaze

I'm an amateur and just used Parks for the first time. The first pour was a failure because I got part of it that didn't appear to have enough. So I decided to put down another coat. A friend told me to use 0000 steel wool between coats but when I did it that, it stuck. Ugh. There were too places that never cured and I hit both of them. I thought, well, I'll clean it up the best I can and try again. So I poured that second coat. BTW, I followed the directions EXACTLY. I even used a timer to make sure I stirred 3 mins, changed containers and stirred 3 mins again. I also watched a bunch of YouTube videos before I even started. Well, the second coat seemed to pour fine but it remained tacky in one whole area. I called Parks and they told me to use Acetone. I had some of that from once having those fake nails done (you use acetone to soak them off) Unfortunately that didn't help.

I want to be done with it now and start over. I want to take it off, but don't feel experienced enough to try a blow torch. My options, in my eyes, are to #1 try a paint remover, #2 get a piece of plywood and cover the whole top and start over. What would you do or do you have another other suggestions? This is only a small night stand that I found on Craig's list, but it matches the other 2 I have and I was going to paint those anyway so thought I'd try the marble technique in the paint. That came out great, but the sealer is a mess. Can anyone help?
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Posted 2017-09-26T16:22:04+0000  by Lindasikut Lindasikut
Hello Lindasikut, and welcome to the Community!

I suggest you contact Rust-Oleum, the manufacture of Parks Super Glaze,  directly at (800) 901-0411, they should be able to determine what you need to do or what happened with the application. 

Thanks for posting!
Posted 2017-09-28T12:37:10+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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